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YAHWEH has a strong base in Bangalore, India, which is known for its low-cost and high quality technical talent. This has provided it with a cost advantage over its competitors. YAHWEH’s Application Development services span the entire range of mainframe, client server and Internet technologies. YAHWEH provides maintenance services for its clients' large software systems that cover a wide range of technologies and businesses, and are typically critical to a client's business.


ADDON for Colleges

ADDON is a web-based software application to handle all administrative and management functions of a college. It allows the college to store huge information about the student’s personal and academic, extracurricular activities. The student’s progress card can be prepared and the results can be made available online. It also provides instant communication through SMS to the parents on student’s fee, attendance, examination results, home works and news.

Staff can take attendance through Tablet or Smart Phone, since ADDON is a web-based application developed to work on android. Similarly the staff can make mark entry through Tablet or Smart Phone. This facility will help staff save time and work efficiently.

ADDON allows multiple Fee heads to be defined at varied frequency and formats. So that, the student fee collection is made easy to store and take print out of the receipt. Management and Principal login enables the management team to be equipped with real time information of the college, staff and student activities. Parent Portal is to keep both parents and students informed throughout the year

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