Digital Environment for Learning, Teaching, and Assessment


DELTA is one of the most formidable and highly comprehensive portals catering to the most sophisticated educational requirements from preschool to higher secondary students, teachers, and school managements. It provides the ideal platform for learning, teaching, and assessment solutions that consist of digitally enriched learning materials in the form of animation, videos, and multimedia content, along with state-of-the-art assessment capabilities to help students comprehend and internalize abstract learning concepts. We also provide maintenance and support services for your DELTA hardware environment.

Digital content for an intelligent generation

DELTA provides unmatched capabilities to harness and cultivate the most natural creative instincts that children have, and to encourage the child to discover and revel in the joy of learning. It offers educational tools that are designed to awaken the child’s mind to explore the full limits of every new thing they can learn.

The driving force behind our solutions


We believe that scalable, sustainable, personalized quality education for a child is possible only by including the right technology.


We go that extra mile to protect and maintain the hardware and software of our partner institutions to extend the lifecycle of the returns on their investment.


Content is the subject matter of what we learn. We understand the true value of interesting and engaging content and try to make learning a fun experience.

Service & Support

We believe that our products and solutions are incomplete without the commitment and dedication of our trained support team, virtually and offline.

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