Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

Our learning management solution is an online software system that helps to deploy, monitor, and manage e-learning programs and specific learning processes. VLE supports advanced learning methods designed for educational institutions and corporate knowledge transfer (L&D) teams by streamlining such areas as administration, documentation, tracking, learning session recording, sharing feedback, and so on.

Benefits of our VLE solution

  • Connect. Interact with your peers in multiple ways—communicate and collaborate using wiki forums, blogs, chats, and groups.
  • Grow. Institution managements and teaching faculty can monitor, assess, and respond better to the specific needs of learners, enabling them to develop and grow.
  • Engage. We provide a smooth and convenient user interface that is designed for better engagement in the form of virtual meetings, mobile access, multilingual support and so on.

Features of VLE

  • A custom e-learning platform
  • Smart and secure AWS Cloud hosting
  • Unlimited learning modules
  • Unlimited storage capacity
  • SIS/ERP Integrations
  • High-quality industry-standard customer support
  • Mobile compatibility for flexible learning
  • Look and feel customized to reflect your corporate brand guidelines

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